Thursday, 1 January 2009

Good news - bad news

The good news . . .
  1. We had a great get-together with family and friends to usher in the New Year.

  2. The children are back from Tokyo and Edinbrough for two weeks and I am savouring every moment with them.

  3. My partner's golf handicap is improving day by day.

  4. My school mate from CBN is now Yang Maha Mulia Tengku Dato' Aishah Rohani Binti Al-Marhum Tengku Besar Mahmud of Negeri Sembilan. Congratulations Aishah!

  5. Yesterday I received a text message from Pak Tarsono (remember my taxi driver in Jakarta?) I was so touched, and more so taken by his lyrical message of good wishes:- Seiring bergulirnya waktu . . Tak terasa tahun tlah berganti . . . Seiring trompet bernyanyi saya ucapkan "Happy New Year 2009" Mga damai sekeluarga sentiasa ada . .


The bad news in KL . . .

  1. Burglary 1: Our tenant was burgled two days before new year. Alarm was deactivated in 30 secs without damaging grills or windows; got away with cash and jewelry. Verdict: Inside job? Maid? Computer repair man?

  2. Burglary 2: A close friend, who was supposed to join us to usher in the New Year, was burgled on NY's eve afternoon. Condo apartment broken into with no damage to grills; major losses. Verdict: Inside job? Condo security?

  3. Burglary 3: My partner's golf buddy was burgled on NY's eve - 2 laptops, camera, new golf shoes and cash stolen.

  4. Our daughter's close friend at uni lost her younger brother in a road traffic accident on Xmas eve.

My resolutions . . .

1. Do not get into a rut. Keep the inches down.

2. Clear out my closets.

3. Start writing more seriously and come out with a book this year.

4. Keep on blogging.

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