Friday, 28 November 2008

Early Bird to Hong Kong

Catching the early bird flight to Hong Kong is something to experience once, at least. It means catching the 4 am bus from Sentral Station to the LCCT for the first Air Asia flight at 6.30 am.
Landing 20 minutes early at Hong Kong International Airport, which is built on reclaimed land of Chek Lap Kok island, we traversed bridges and tunnels to get back to the mainland and our first destination - the Hong Kong Golf Club.
The Hong Kong Golf Club is a reciprocal club of the Royal Selangor Golf Club in KL where our boys were invited to play in the annual championship game.
It was all worth it to see my partner drawn to the club championship list and trophy beaming like a Cheshire cat..

The Club, set in a suburban district, has two 18-hole courses and two floors of rooms for members only. A panel of nononsense receptionists were all about checking membership cards before handing over room keys and informing us of the most important club rule:- the use of handphones on the course and in the clubhouse was strictly banned. The only place you could use your mobile (for fear of suspension, expulsion or eviction) would be in your room.
True to form, a Malaysian handphone started singing away and the girls literally jumped out of their skins. "Shhhhh. Switch off please!" With that we hurriedly disappeared up two flights of stairs with our luggage to our rooms as punishment for the embarrassing moment. We were pleasantly surprised by a clean crisp room with a view to boot.
A pretty veranda terrace opened out to the practice putting green and with cloudless blue skies and a pleasant 18 degrees C, it was time for a cuppa and cucmber sandwiches. In truth we opted for a heftier chicken avocardo sandwich and oxtail soup. Happy with our achievements for the day, the boys went off to play and the girls sat around daydreaming we were somewhere in Scotland or Ireland on a lovely spring day.

A visit to the ladies room is worth mentioning. Dressed in beige and brown wood paneling, ladies championship photos in perspex frames lining the walls - it was restful, spotless and in pristine condition and puts both the RSGC and RLC (Royal Lake Club) ladies changing rooms to shame.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Mama Rafee - local rap

Hey Mama Rafee
why dontcha see it?
Maybe you don wanna hear it,
Butcha better believe it.

You were there for a reason,
It was the season,
Pak Lah needed the women.
So bye bye birdie . . .
To stay a hottie
You gotta have strings
If you wan dat thing.

Homegirls let you down
It don call for a meltdown.
Other VC's all play dumb
What can I tell yer?
You said, "Could be a monkey or a bum".

Stellar rankin'?
It don matter.
Apex uni's a joker.
Tried a gender bender
Turned out to be a bummer.

Ex MMU guy's chillin'
Mama goes on babblin'.
Day after day
Waits for apology.
No way Rafee,
It ain't in their SOP.

M-O-H-E, M-O-H-E
The moral of the story. . .
It don matter if you're sexy or brainy
You gotta have a sugar daddy
Or a bootilicious mammy.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

On the US elections

How much golf can you play, man?

In support of my partners' growing passion . . .for golf, that is, . . . this blog is dedicated to him.

Who says practice makes perfect?
A bad workman blames his tools . . .

The agony and ectasy of putting.

Slow play!

How the mind works.

Office antics.

The night before the big game.

You know your hooked when . . .

Size is everything . . .

Drop shot anyone?

It's a whole new ball game,when the wife decides she wants to take up golf!


Get out the rule book.

Oops! There goes the new driver.

Some insist on the silent treatment . . .shhh!

It's so challenging playing overseas.
When is the next trip Sheikh Rosli?

His buddy asked him "How much golf can you play, man?"

Never enough brader . . .