Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lawn Sakura in Chichibu

When you think its all over, Sakura, that is, there's Lawn Sakura in Chichibu. What a relief. It seemed hard to move on after experiencing the sakura in Gion, Kyoto. It's not surprising there are fanatics who chase the blossoms as they move northwards in springtime.
To see carpet or lawn sakura, just head to Chichibu, north of Tokyo in Saitama prefecture on the Seibu Ikebukuro Line. You will not be disappointed after a relaxing 1.5 hour journey by-passing forested countryside.
This quaint station greets you and helpful signs lead you to the pot of gold.

A pleasant 30 minute walk through vegetable and flower gardens gives you a glimpse into the calm country life of this farming region.Green fingers are abound as you see the love and care put into their gardens.

Ever conscious of the environment, the sign is a reminder to collect doggy poo.
This hippie completely mesmerised by this glorious sight... The carpet sakura covers an area of 16,500 square meters forming a patchwork of pink, white and mauve.Close up it appears like candy floss - good enough to eat!...and very close up...The colours deepen as the sun starts to set. Taking the short cut back through the woods provided yet another exposure to the beauty of nature. The vision of setting sun rays highlighting the trees and allowing the last slivers of blue skies through is hard to ignore. A beautiful end to a wonderous day...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing shots! I can see that photography might be your new (pre)occupation!

Retirement? Who says we've retired? Flower people and baby boomers have always been more inspired and inspiring!

So nice to "meet" you again Fareeda!