Sunday, 10 May 2009

Barack Obama - The First 100 Days

Happened upon this May 4 Asian issue which was tissue thin, a mere 52 pages, hardy able to withstand the steam of the onsen, not unlike the current US economy. It seems Obama has adopted a 5 point rukun negara (national principals) to attempt reinvention of American capitalism or in his analogy to build a 'house of rock' from the current 'sand' version. The big five are - new rules for Wall Street, new initiatives in education, alternative energy and health care and budget savings to bring down national debt. Observers are betting on a 50-50 chance of getting fifty percent done, but know Barack wants it all. Joe Kline reported that the days of poetry are over. Its prose from now on, as Obama himself retorted in his Georgetown University lecture on April 14.From heated budget think tanks to one-on-one, its business as usual in the White House. Barack as a father and husband seems genuinely sensitive and involved. It can't all be a show, although the over publicity on the first dog has been severely criticised. Domestic issues have taken priority.Foreign policy is more, shall we say, engaging rather than combative. Great respect is afforded to those who write their own speeches and lectures, and this means last minute editions because your reputation is on the line. All said and done, the buck stops here. Its lonely up there at the top.

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