Wednesday, 16 September 2009

15MALAYSIA - Rojak

Check out this website and have a blast. http:/

For those of you who are losing it, this effort is guaranteed to put your faith back in Malaysia and remind us that the way forward lies with our youth.
15 short films about Malaysian lifestyle and people, the latest being Rojak, a mind blowing CGI film reflecting the current political landscape through the eyes of a rojak (Malaysian Indian salad) seller as he gives a whimsical account of his trade.5 thumbs up! MUST SEE *****

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~enlightenedpsych2~ said...

Agreed that the way forward is through our youth AS LONG AS what we teach them is not to repeat the mistakes we made, avoid words actions and thoughts even titles that separate us culturally and disregard that we are all of the human race working together . . . or at least trying.

Good post and thank you for sharing,
miss erica hidvegi,
the enlightenment advisor