Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thaipusam - the vow

Thaipusam, a Hindu festival celebrated by Tamils, represents a tapestry of astrology, thanks-giving, religious devotion and commemoration of Lord Murugan's birthday.

Devotees give thanks in various forms from the carrying of small to large, heavily decorated kavadis.
The offering is made in the form of a vow for tiding over or averting great calamity or misfortune.

Vows range from shaving of the head . . .. . . carrying a pot of milk . . .
. . . 'mortification of the flesh' with body piercings of the skin, tongue or cheeks.
This vow was made by a young couple carrying their baby slung over sugar cane poles up the 272 steps of Batu Caves as thanks-giving for fertility or health of the baby.

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Sorayya said...

Love the photos. They really reflect the true collies. Well done!