Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ubud Lifestyle

Begin the morning with breakfast by the pool, shaded by the ceremonial fringed triple umbrellas...

... move on to the warm colours of Indus for discussions with writers ... 

... surrounded by Balinese beauties with flowers in their hair.

Lush green padi fields send wafting waves of calm which bounce off the retina...

... while carved hill slopes give a sense of depth to the view.

Escape to Ubud market and you are hit by the industrious use of space and ...

... get a glimpse at life through the nooks and crannies.

A hive of activity from dawn to dusk, Ibu Ibu drive hard sales and perk up when they smell a big spender, " Oh mau borong? Mau berapa?"

A pious man sits by his Buddha in calm repose sucking on a cigarette and watching ...

The morning ritual of burning incense sets the stage for a day of spiritual harmony with nature.

With pastoral patience she threads flowers on a fan-like framework.

And reaches out to display the offerings on an elevated alter.

The blessing finishes with a graceful hand-wrist wafting motion directing  incense smoke towards the offering of flowers.

Dusk falls on Ubud rather quickly. Warm golden lights brighten the narrow streets and a different Ubud springs to life.

Food in Bali has improved by leaps and bounds over the years. Ten years ago one would be hard-pressed to find even palatable tourist fare. Now from Kuta to Seminyak to Ubud the cafes and fine dining restaurants are there for the picking. This presentation of small portions of Indonesian favourites is appropriately  called Tapas ala Ubud. 

Dance and music is synonymous with Balinese culture. Technology however permeates everything in life and it always pays to keep an eye on in-coming calls or text messages even during orchestral performance. 

Young and old, foreigners and locals alike are completely mesmerised by the street dances and music.

Bar Luna on Gotama Street, a happening club with live rock music, is popular with the tourists. Somehow you don't get the seedy and dodgy feel of Pat Pong or Pataya anywhere in Bali. The strong cultural practices and spirituality of the people make the difference.

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