Tuesday, 15 May 2012

National Flash Fiction Day (UK)

Yellow Protest

Clad in a yellow T-shirt, 
the child walked hand in hand with her parents to her first protest. 
The theme was free and fair elections. 
She could not vote but followed anyway. She wasn’t given a choice.

The sea of yellow trembled with excitement and anticipation, 
geared for a fun-filled Saturday afternoon with a statement to make, 
but armed 
with salt for tear gas and what not to say if detained.

Peaceful almost, till hell broke loose.
Lurkers clad in black sheep’s clothes broke the cordon. 
Water cannons and tear gas exploded as promised. 

The child wondered why the stinging eyes and painful skin, 
in spite of the red raincoat.
Mama, Papa shouldn’t you keep me safe?

We are Gen Y, motivators of change. We occupy squares. It is for you.


Journaling Woman said...

This is really great. I liked ready it.

Misha Gericke said...

Good writing. I always wonder why parents would take small children to protests like that. :-/

remy martin said...

It shows the eagarness of the people as how they are disturbed with something, thats why they bringing thier cute babys with them for protest.
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Shannon Lawrence said...

That was really good. Very poignant. Where have you gone?

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

fidel said...

I'm back Shannon. Thanks for the comments. Bac for the April A-Z but rather busy the first week. See ou soon.

Alex said...

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