Saturday, 9 August 2008


Fatt Fatt Fatt, eight, the auspicious and lucky number for the Chinese.

That's why China mati mati wanted to host the Olympics this year, and having succeeded, accordingly set a propitious time and date for the opening ceremony at 8.08 pm on the 8th of August 2008.

As they say lucky for some . . .

. . . One World One Dream

Beijing Olympics 2008

. . . 238 Couples Tied the Knot in Malaysia

Not so lucky for others . . .

. . . 1,000 homes face power cut after TNB cable explosion

. . . Blogger held for sedition for allegedly defacing the Royal Malaysian Police logo

. . . Medical Council of India will no longer recognise degrees offered by India's Manipal University Kasturba Medical College in Manipal and Mangalore.

. . . My beloved partner suffered gripping chest pains while queueing to pay income tax. I rushed him to hospital where our former Professor took charge. "At this age," he said, "It is far better to treat aggressively rather than ignore hallmark symptoms". From ECG to ward, everything moved like clockwork. Thank god for good friends and our medical school old boys network.

Safely admitted, treatment instituted and chest pains at bay, a quick dash home to get essentials seemed to be a good idea. In true hospital precision, dinner was served at 5 pm while the sun was still up. After a bland but nutritious meal, the patient was in the mood for his latest pastime.

You see you can't keep a blogger down for long. The laptop was one of the 'must haves' to be brought from home. Even the Domino's pizza box came in handy.

We had been looking forward to the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. The opportunity to witness the Opening as a guest of the Chinese Ambassador was hard to resist. Now being relegated to the hospital 14-inch telly was of course the painful reality.

Despite squinting through the entire OC, we could see that it was a spectacular show. Completely out of the box. China Boleh!
Kudos to Zhang Yimou, the artistic director, of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon fame. I don't think Spielberg could have come close.

The dreaded stress test was postponed to Saturday morning. So as foot ware, or the lack thereof, was not a cause for poor performance, I made sure to bring along his trainers from home.

The test involved monitoring of ECG and blood pressure whilst exercising on a treadmill ie. beginning with brisk walking on the incline and gradual increase in pace up to 80-90% of heart rate dependant on age.

He made it!
From shock, fear to relief in a space of 24 hours.

"Discharged" is the sweetest word in the English language.

It was a timely wake up call.

After a lapse, it's back to healthy eating, loosing weight (especially inches off the midriff), exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep.

And most important of all don't worry, be happy.

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boy from dungun said...

Well done, bro. After so many rounds of golf, especially overseas, I think you are too young and too fit to be associated with this kind of pain. Definitely a false alarm or did you swallow some salt water in Redang? You know, q-up at Income tax dept do not reduce stress level to many people. Not to me, it does reduce my cash level, for sure.

Shall we play golf this week?