Saturday, 16 August 2008

15 days to 51 years of Merdeka

After a morning of watching the Olympics and Malaysia excell in less conventional events like archery, cycling and of course badminton, I felt a sense of renewed pride and confidence.

Having to run some errands in the Masjid India area, a mere triple jump away from Sentral, I trekked to my favourite haunts. With Merdeka Day only 15 days away, I couldn't help noticing the dearth of Jalur Gemilang adorning the entrances of restaurants and shops. This multi storey building was one of the few draped in The Flag.

And this was the only car on the road showing evidence of pride. . .

. . . unlike last years' show of spirit for the 50th anniversary.

Perhaps 'happening' events appeal to the youth more than an annual anniversary of Independence achieved by their fore fathers.

My assumptions are far from being negative as it was reported in one of the dailies that a "Merdeka Roadshow to instill Merdeka spirit in our youth and to avoid social ills" would start in Johore and travel to different states.

Do you seriously think a roadshow will get the message across? My pessimism persists. Surely more creative and interactive programs with an element of challenge would excite young Malaysians to showcase national pride rather than the ubiquitous roadshow that has been bandied around for almost every thing from pivotal Bill amendments to Tak Nak (anti smoking)campaigns.

The roadshow ain't over until the fat lady sings.

Now when will that be?


slmanar said...

TDM lements over the waning spirit of merdeka. You have commented over the roadshows. I questioned myself 51 years ago whether I was truly happy to see Malaya merdeka. Our children and grandchildren will possibly be wiser.Time will tell.

lil'tash said...

How we celebrated Merdeka in Melbourne - a cultural festival showcasing traditional dances, song, and costumes. Organized by the Malaysian students. Despite the rain many turned up in traditional dress, chanted 'Merdeka', and listened to the story of our independence. Maybe sometimes it takes being a little far from home to remember why.