Thursday, 25 September 2008

Bazaar Ramadan ala Langkawi

During the month of Ramadan, food bazaars sprout up everywhere to whet the appetite after a sunrise to sunset fast. This is a much sought after commercial activity, well organised by local authorities with issuance of temporary food vendor licenses in designated areas of easy accessibility. Daily clean up services are built into the system. It certainly gives an opportunity to boost livelihood as many food outlets are closed in the daytime during the fasting month.

Kuah in Langkawi must surely be credited for one of the better bazaars serving up a host of mouthwatering local favourites, some freshly cooked on site. By 3 pm, stalls start setting up woks and are busy preparing the fare for the day. The crowd trickles in around 4 o'clock and builds up to a frenzy by 6 pm as people rush from work to bungkus food for breaking of fast at home. A complete menu of appetisers, main meals, dessert and drinks are available.

A photoblog of yummy delights . . . enjoy!

Woks of curries cooked on the site

Smouldering BBQ & satay


Dessert galore

Sata - a variety of otak otak; Tapai pulut - kosher grog?

Roti jala - net pancake

Ikan panggang - Grilled fish

Malaysian version of Churros; Malaysian tempura (cucur udang)

Steaming mee goreng

Putu mayam; pulut

Sugar cane & coconuts

Sunset . . . and a well earned break fast.

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