Friday, 19 September 2008

Deja Vu

Zaid sends in letter of resignation!

Asked to stay on, and take two weeks leave. . .

He said " I'm not tired. I am disappointed!"

My partner and Zaid at 2007 Melbourne Formula One - happier times


I did the same when I found I was not only banging my head against the wall, running on the spot and finally jogging backwards quick time!
Important policies to formulate, programs to implement. Under qualified staff with poor analytical and communication skills. MMSAT halted in its tracks at a whim, new Bills against all odds, lack of commitment from upper echelons, hampers galore for Raya, inappropriate staff development, poor human resource management, questionable asset management, internal non compliance etcetera.


Instead of serious problem solving and timely decision-making,

there was a lot of standing around . . .

. . . a lot of sitting around . . .

. . . at round and square table meetings

. . . and eating around . . .

. . . and . . .?

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boy from dungun said...

Yes, agree with you on that. Typical behaviour of government servants in Malaysia; standing around, sitting around, eating and 'baca doa' before any event!. That Mustafa is supposed to be educated but got sucked into the system and became one of them! Really hopeless guy; that is why we need a change of government, and it better be soon, otherwise better migrate!.