Sunday, 5 October 2008

Kuala Selangor Fireflies

A mere one and a half hour's drive south west of Kuala Lumpur takes you on a unique outing to Kuala Selangor to see the fireflies residing onthe Selangor River.

For RM 195 (GBP 30; USD 55) this 6 hour trip, with a sumptuous seafood dinner thrown in, is indeed value for money.

The approach to the light house is line by families of leaf monkeys welcoming visitors with open arms.

Feeding the monkeys can work up an appetite, it seems, and the seafood restaurant on stilts by the riverside was a welcomed next stop.

The five-dish seafood dinner of prawns, fish, calamari, green vegetables, fried rice and fruit promises not to disappoint, whilst a picture perfect sunset forms the backdrop for a memorable picture.

A short drive to the jetty to catch the boat for an hours' river cruise in the cool evening breeze under the stars was perfect after a hot day with the monkeys.

Safely strapped into red life jackets, we were steered by an able boatman up to within a breath away from the darting fireflies. As our eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, the Brownian movement of the insects took on a warm glow.

Try as you may, you would not be able to get a satisfactory picture of the kelip kelip (local name) with the usual hand held cameras. Despite that it is a sight worth seeing up close and natural.

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