Friday, 3 October 2008

War, Inc.

"Whoever momentarily interrupts the acummulation of our wealth, we pulverize! I'm just not feeling good about that anymore, sir!" (Brand Hauser)

Review 1: For critics of the war with an appetite for red meat, War, Inc. will prove filling, if not quite completely nourishing.

Producer, writter , actor: Sweetie pie John Cusack as Brand Hauser.

Tagline: When it comes to war...America means business. An Incendiary Political Cartoon

Genres: Black Comedy, Political Satire, zany comedy, Anti-War Film (ie Iraq war).

Plot: A political satire set in Turaqistan, a country occupied by an American private corporation, Tamerlane Corporation, run by a former US Vice-President (Aykroyd)

"Look, we've already kicked the shit out of this place. What are we supposed to do? Turn our backs on all the entrepreneur possibilities?"

"Business is a uniquely human response to a moral or cosmic crisis. Whether it's a tsunami or a sustained aerial bombardment, there's the same urgent call for urban renewal." (Brand Hauser)

Review 2: A film that confronts the absurdity and violence of modern warfare by taking it to the surreal and goofy next level.

Yonica Babyyeah: "Do you want massage with happy ending?"

Hillary Duff plays Yonica Babyyeah who is the Britney Spears of Turaqistan!

Review 3: Nice try, but this hallucinatory polemic never jells.

The Tamerlane corporate gift bag contains an autobiography by "Oh, you know who," entitled, "How I Conquered the World and Dealt with Issues with my Father."

Ben Kingsley plays the Viceroy of Emerald City (Get it? ala Wizard of Oz!!).

Review 4: Those who get it will surely spread the word.

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