Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Lesson in Financial Crisis

Tonight, we attended a wealth management forum organised by one of the banks.

Two local speakers gave an insightful and clear review of the current financial crisis, which helped to clear some confusing issues, especially for one who does not claim to be well versed in these matters.

It was like a 'good cop' vs 'bad cop' presentation.
The 'bad cop' gave a blow by blow low-down of the worse-than-bad state of affairs from USA to China, giving actual instances and events as examples. He lived up to his impressive CV of an experienced financial analyst and I wondered if any professor from my Alma mater could have explained this difficult subject as eloquently as he did.

So that was the bad news cleared up.

The 'good cop' then proceeded to give an overly simplified discourse, even for me, on how to use the current situation (bear market) as an opportunity rather than throw ones hands up in despair. Advising long term regular investment over short term lump sum investment as being proven statistically to yield better returns over time, failed to impress optimism at this point in time.

In crystallised form the take home message:

1. Have a financial plan or goal

2. Continue investment with regular review (irrespective of bear/bull market)

3. Know your risk threshold

Q & A: on the commodity, gold and currency markets, the stock exchange and the burning question . . . What is the standing of banks in Malaysia?

I guess you will have to read the business news tomorrow to find out the answer to that one!

Have a good night, y'all.

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