Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Delightful Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport, one of the domestic airports of Tokyo, expanded its services to include an International Terminal in 2010. Connectivity from central Tokyo is via the Keihin Kyuko Railway or Tokyo Monorail, accessible in under an hour and at well under one third the cost compared to the Limousine Bus or Narita Express train to Narita. Well chosen Air Asia X!

Somewhat reminiscent of KLCC's interior, it is delightful as it is efficient. In 2009 it was nominated by Forbes Traveller as most punctual airport with 94.3% of flights credited to be on-time.

Despite a five-layered queue with 4 active counters, check-in moved smoothly and I was holding a boarding card well with in half an hour. The pre check-in line was 5 passengers long - must remember to try that route next time.

Before immigration, it would be advised to wonder down the Edo-like village of shops and restaurants. Very pretty and quaint.

The sense of space is much appreciated and lends to the large choice of interesting cuisines offered - sushi, Japano-western, grilled specialities and cafes. A far cry from our LCCT and its market-place ambiance and filthy toilets. Looking forward to the new complex because I think Air Asia is here to stay.

My passion for unagi was left wanting, so not surprisingly I selected this meal of unadon with trimmings.

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