Monday, 2 May 2011

Independant kids

School kids from as young as early junior school are a pretty independant and confident lot. They ride the trains by themselves, in twos or in groups. Always neatly dressed, currently they still are in winter uniform. They suffer in silence as the days get warmer, until its time to change to summer wear.
Being rather camera shy they immediately turned away when they realised this Gaijin was taking their photo.

Despite the trappings of any big metropolis (see Shakespeare with a Twist), there remains a strong sense of community and good neighbourliness where people take an interest in each others well-being. Significant low crime rates in residential areas can be attributed to the koban system of 24-hour police beat post surveillance. From a young age children are instilled with this sense of responsibility for the community, the neighbourhood above self. It has paid off many times over.

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