Sunday, 1 May 2011

Malay Kampong in Hatchobori

Somewhere in Hatchobori, Malaysians in Tokyo, hankering for a mamak mee goreng, otak-otak, chicken rice and roti canai with chicken curry, make a bee-line for Malay Kampong. Rated as a casual dining hangout rather than a formal restaurant, it lends perfectly to the Malaysian coffee shop atmosphere or kopi tiam as we call it.

The authentic flavours and fair prices make it affordable and popular with the student population. However being a little out of center, it would take you close to an hour to get to on the Hibya line.

The menu choices are extensive. I would definitely have the Mamak mee goreng again. Karai desu (spicy)! Roti canai done the way I like - crispy and the chicken curry is sinfully lemak (rich with coconut milk). The boys who run the kitchen are from Ipoh, so they also do a mean Ipoh Hor Fun.

It is wonderful to meet up with Rastam's friends; Japanese and Malaysian, Filipino, Indonesian and Korean, and reassuring to know he has developed a good support system over the years.

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