Tuesday, 3 April 2012

C for Comfy Convenient Couch

C for Comfy Convenient Couch

After a hectic day, weaving through down town traffic and finally arriving home at 10 pm, I definitely could do with one of these. Kick of the shoes, peel off  the clothes, hot shower, snuggle into peejays and I'm set for a couple of hours with my books. 

But wait, I have to write the 'C' blog for the A-Z Challenge. Easily done with my comfy convenient couch. There's lots of room, even with feet curled up, and ample space for the laptop. The fingers fly, as time is running out, only 10 minutes to midnight before I have to write the next one, D for ? Mental note: better time management tomorrow.

That done, now I can enjoy my couch. Stretched out lengthwise or otherwise, fluffing cushions and finding the most comfortable position would be the fun part, exactly the way your pet dog would fuss around his basket before he rests his head. You would never have to worry about where your favourite books are - they are all right there. I guess you just have to remember if the one you want is to the left, right, front or back. 

One thing you would have to do is stretch a little, bend a little and reach for that book. Hey, this may turn out to be a form of exercise routine, maybe not to replace your Pilate's class though. It would be wonderful if one had relatively longer arms and a really flexible neck for this couch to be used to its full potential.

Who designs these things anyway? Creativity personified. Visual evidence of 'thinking out of the box'. This almost perfect couch needs one improvement, if I had my way. An armrest broad enough for a coffee mug, then you don't have to move an inch as all essentials are in place. And as the second page is turned, you fall into blissful sleep.  


Chautona said...

I could SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo put that in my house. Absolutely. Genius.

Amelia said...

I probably need to borrow your comfy convenient couch for the whole month of April for this AtoZ challenge :) This post has feelgood stamped all over it!

fidel said...

Chautona - it is a couch to possess!

Amelia, as a theme has not emerged as yet, feel good is exactly my ploy. Tks.

Nikki said...

Wow! I need that couch! It looks perfect, so comfy and cozy with plenty of space for my favourite books! Lovely :)

Nikki – inspire nordic

Tara Tyler said...

love that couch!! i'd be afraid to sit on it tho...