Thursday, 12 April 2012

K for Kurt

Kurt, a young German tourist, made a virgin visit to Cappadocia, out of boredom but mainly due to his passion for hand gliding. It turned out to be a magical experience. He quickly decided to stay on for the summer, and then for the year. It was a no brainer. Apart from his parents, second generation auto mobile  moguls from Cologne, and the Cathedral, he did not care for Koln much these days. From nuclear protests to anti-Islamic rallies, the only joyous time was Oktoberfest, that too, borrowed from Munich.

He had never felt more alive. Fresh clean air, myriads of fairy chimneys stretching as far as the eye  could see and the people, the people were so accepting of this blond Aryan with out question. He befriended a man, Ilhami, whom he hired as his guide and then his full-time assistant for his hand gliding forays through the length and breadth of Central Anatolia. He knew the terrain and the winds as well as the Golden Eagle of the Nevsehir plains.

Hot air ballooning was becoming popular in Cappadocia on two counts. The glorious scenery and the perfect wind and weather conditions for ballooning. Kurt gathered his business wits about him, did the maths and came up with his big plan. Kurt's Kappadocia Ballooning company was set up with the ease of a well oiled machine, only accessible to one who had limitless resources at his disposal. His parents were pleased with his move to engage so passionately in this venture.

With his trusty assistant, Ilhami, and a small band of ground crew he soon became one of the success stories in the region. Turkey was opening up to the West. Touted as "One of the Thousand Things You Should Do Before You Die", the lure of hot air ballooning in Cappadocia beckoned to all who could afford it.

For the ten years Kurt was growing his business, his parents never managed the time to visit. One spring they announced that they would be making a trip that May.

The morning of the flight, Ilhami, took the helm as Kurt had hurt his hand. His parents and four other tourists climbed into the basket having been briefed on safety procedures in case of an emergency. They should lay flat at the base of the basket if there was air turbulence. 

When the balloons collided, the basket tipped. Kurt's parents toppled over and being disoriented they crawled to one edge of the basket. It was not the base, but the open end. Their bodies were discovered a few hundred meters from the fallen and smouldering balloon. Ilhami died instantly as he threw himself between the flames and his passengers. Four souls were saved that day. 


Damyanti said...

That was a tragic story.

Hope you’re enjoying the challenge so far!
--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

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fidel said...

Thanks Damyanti for visit aginghippietales!
I have a problem with administration of my blogspot account due to forgotten original passwords etc and could not get a new account going in time for the challenge. So unable to amend word verification for now. Will be better prepared next time. Thanks for all advice given.

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