Friday, 13 April 2012

A-Z April Blogging Challenge - Summary so far

Summary so far:
A for Alphabet Eyelashes
B for Bunohan
C for Comfy Convenient Couch
D for Dali
E for Mista Ee
F for Feriha
G for Gamze
H for Handan
I Ilhami
J for Jonker Street
K for Kurt
L for Lessons in Private Schooling

My thoughts:
  • It's been fun. 
  • Stressful at times. Searching for a topic was not smooth sailing.
  • In the beginning, rather blasé about it all, thinking it would all gel together somehow, someway. 
  • Got going from E when I struck gold with Mista Ee, historical figure of old Malacca in the early 20th century. 
  • Creative juices cranked up, "The 100 and 1 Tales from Turkey" emerged featuring Feriha, Gamze and the gang, inspired by a recent trip to Istanbul.
  • L was a stumbling block, but thanks to an interesting conversation with my hair stylist...
  • Now comes the hard part. The last dash to the finish. Its like the uphill climb of two more hills and a mountain at the end in my spinning class!
  • Sorry about the technology folks...word verification can't be switched off due to unforeseen circumstances!
  • Its great exposure to new blogs; and discovering commonalities and new friends.
  • Happy reading and writing to all.


Jaime said...

I've just about run out of pre-written posts. This weekend will be the test to see if I can keep up. It has been interesting & I'm happy that I'm connecting with others. Just a bit listless (my L word) today. I'm enjoying your posts.

Nikki said...

It's fun to read a summary :) I expected it to all just go together too, it's been a little tough at times. Great post, have a lovely weekend!

Nikki – inspire nordic

Rhonda Parrish said...

Ooh maybe I should write a summary! :) I really, really love the picture you have there too, I'm going to have to scoll down and read the blog entry that goes with it.

~ Rhonda Parrish

Damyanti said...

Look forward to your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already!
--Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

Twitter: @AprilA2Z

Yati said...

Doing great there, and these Turkish-based adventures are becoming more promising. Keep it up you! ;-)

Marcie said...

This makes me wonder if I should do a summery myself...
I really liked your posts. Stopping by for the A-Z challenge.