Saturday, 22 November 2008

How much golf can you play, man?

In support of my partners' growing passion . . .for golf, that is, . . . this blog is dedicated to him.

Who says practice makes perfect?
A bad workman blames his tools . . .

The agony and ectasy of putting.

Slow play!

How the mind works.

Office antics.

The night before the big game.

You know your hooked when . . .

Size is everything . . .

Drop shot anyone?

It's a whole new ball game,when the wife decides she wants to take up golf!


Get out the rule book.

Oops! There goes the new driver.

Some insist on the silent treatment . . .shhh!

It's so challenging playing overseas.
When is the next trip Sheikh Rosli?

His buddy asked him "How much golf can you play, man?"

Never enough brader . . .

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