Sunday, 23 November 2008

Mama Rafee - local rap

Hey Mama Rafee
why dontcha see it?
Maybe you don wanna hear it,
Butcha better believe it.

You were there for a reason,
It was the season,
Pak Lah needed the women.
So bye bye birdie . . .
To stay a hottie
You gotta have strings
If you wan dat thing.

Homegirls let you down
It don call for a meltdown.
Other VC's all play dumb
What can I tell yer?
You said, "Could be a monkey or a bum".

Stellar rankin'?
It don matter.
Apex uni's a joker.
Tried a gender bender
Turned out to be a bummer.

Ex MMU guy's chillin'
Mama goes on babblin'.
Day after day
Waits for apology.
No way Rafee,
It ain't in their SOP.

M-O-H-E, M-O-H-E
The moral of the story. . .
It don matter if you're sexy or brainy
You gotta have a sugar daddy
Or a bootilicious mammy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! so talented!