Sunday, 2 November 2008

Singapore II - Presentation is everything

Medical Tourism

The Official Map of Singapore Medicine.
International Patients' Guide to Healthcare Services in Singapore.

From Lasik centres to aesthetics & plastic surgery clinics and wellness centres - its all presented in the brochure with contact information, lists of all the healthcare services provided by a variety of healthcare providers, and a clearly annotated map marked with red crosses for each of the medical centres.

Asian Civilisations Museum

". . . is a microcosm of Asian civilisations presented in an exciting way. . . showcased in themed galleries integrated with multimedia and interactive components. Virtual hosts, in-gallery videos and our interactive ExplorAsian zones are incorporated in the galleries as guideposts . . .Southeast Asia Galleries

Statues of Cambodian Buddhist novices.

Sun salutationTextiles of hill tribesTraditional costume of the Malays
China Gallery

Note the similarity in style and cut of clothing.Deity worship

A collection of white Dehua porcelain. Also known as 'blanc de chine', these finely moulded pieces from the Ming and Qing periods were produced in Fujian province in southern China.

West Asia Galleries

The art of calligraphy developed to the extent that Qur'anic verses could be written to form dozens of complex shapes. Abstract art forms, such as complex geometric designs, developed alongside calligraphy.

An illustrated medical dictionary.
A pennant with calligraphyCarved door with fine calligraphy.
South Asia Galleries
Artifacts cover religion, science and architecture of the region.

Neither East Nor West: Asians in Monochrome

In the late 19th to early 20th century, having a portrait taken in London was a tremendously fashionable luxury. Socialites, nobles and dignitaries – in short, anyone who was anyone - had their picture taken at the Lafayette Studio in London’s New Bond Street.

A special exhibition featuring black and white portraits from the Lafayette collection including key figures who played a significant role in bridging the gap between East and West was on display.

A Malay noble woman; A Japanese diplomats wife

A Maharaja of India; A Sultan of Kedah, Malaya

The Greenery

The professionally trimmed rain trees forming a shady canopy makes all the difference to the mood when walking in the city.
The Arts

I was fortunate to catch the second day of the local production of The Wizard of Oz playing at the Drama Centre, National Library on Victoria Street. Access Bugis Street MRT.Dorothy, played by a Filipino girl, gave a flawless performance and sang Over the Rainbow as well as Lea Solonga of Miss Saigon fame. Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion were particularly adept actors rendering the all time favourites, If I Only Had a Heart and If I Were King of the Forest masterfully.

The feather in the hat: it was a breeze getting a taxi back to the hotel at 11 pm.

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