Monday, 3 November 2008

Yoga for everyone . . .

For Homer Simpson

For you & me

For him

And him

And even him

For her and her and her

For them

For kids

Mummies and babies

Partner yoga

For stretching

For flexibility

For balance

For stress relief

Laughing yoga for prisoners

Laughing yoga for women

For bonding with your child. . . healthy

or special . . .

For autism helps to focus the mind; for cerebral palsy helps to align the spine and relax muscles; for Down's Syndrome helps in bonding and relationship building; in Attention deficit disorders (ADD) improves concentration and self esteem.

For core strength

For depression

European Psychiatry Volume 23, Supplement 2, April 2008, Pages S213-S214 16th AEP Congress - Abstract book, 16th AEP Congress

Effect of yoga on depression and anxiety of women referred to yoga clinic
M. Javanbakht1, M. Morvarid2 and R. Hejazi Kenari31Psychiatry Department, Azad Medical University, 22 Bahman Hospital, Mashhad, Iran 2Morvarid Yoga Clinic, Mashhad, Iran 3General Practitioner, 22 Bahman Hospital, Mashhad, Iran.

Conclusion: This study suggests that yoga can be considered as a complementary therapy or an alternative method for medical therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.
For cancer survivors

For wellness

Mubarakah Ibrahim, one of the few Muslim women teaching Pilate's, yoga, and kickboxing in a new studio on Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut especially for Muslim women.

Nahid Hassan Nejad of Tehran, Iran
has 19 years of experience in yoga practice and conducts teacher training courses in different cities in Iran as part of the Iran Yoga Committee and Iran Physical Education Federation programs.

Visit her website and click on gallery for pictures of Muslim women enjoying yoga.

For breathing


boy from dungun said...

Very interesting piece on Yoga. Linza mentions some kind of a ban by some religious authority..So that's the latest problem with Yoga in Malaysia then? I was wondering why a slant on Yoga in Iran..

Anyway, as I was saying to Pakdokter, January in Dubai is nice and cool. Perhaps can also do Yoga in this big bunker country, in between desert safari, which has belly dancing on the menu, and dune bashing among other things. Emirates also fly to the UK from KL with stopover holidays in Dubai, if you are thinking of Edinburgh in January. Btw, as an added attraction, we have also located several nice restaurants around town, so its not always arabic or islamic food out here!.

Regards from Linza, Russo & Ryo.

fidel said...

Yoga in the sand dunes sounds like a good change...even better on route to Edin!
Stay well!