Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Balinese vistas - terraced padi fields 2

Rendering of the padi terraces is tackled next. Texture and tones of green are applied. The bunds are refined giving height and depth from distant to near.

To give the impression of padi growing in rows, equidistant muted lines are drawn in each terrace.

The Pura (temple) is an auspicious landmark for thanksgiving ceremonies according to Hindu beliefs. Offerings to ensure blessings from deities and to ward off evil spirits are practiced at various significant times of the rice-growing cycle. Careful study of shadow and light are observed and the final highlights with titanium white are added.

Two terraces are given different detailed rendering. Sgraffito, the technique of scratching one layer to expose the colour of a deeper layer, is applied to the brown area. The terrace above had detailed rendering of fine tufts of padi in rows for a more realistic effect. Going through the process helps to make the choice for the preferred effect.
A rushed photo finish for the purpose of this blog! More detail to delineate the houses and more contrast need to be added to the long fence to enhance perspective to complete the painting.

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