Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009 - 1

Edinburgh - electric, happening and full of life!
Festival posters galore . . .
People watching from street curbs . . .
. . . or from a vantage point.
Street players on the Golden Mile.
Assembly, one of the venues for the Festival with long queques on a brilliant day.
The ultimate creative blend of bagpipes, Indian tabla drums . . . and a windy day. (psst. . . they do wear underwear under their kilts!)
So what you do next is to whip your belt off, strap them around your knees, and promptly do a handstand!


Anonymous said...

hey, i was the girl who booked you all your tickets for the book festival, you gave me you card and i have looked on your blog and i love your photos really does show off the edinburgh festival very well.
well i hope your enjoying your time in the burgh and i hope you enjoyed you events at the book festival as well.
thanks for giving me your card.
Ashley-liv jamieson

fidel said...

Hi Ashley, I am enjoying all the talks at the book fest and the Arts fest as well. The stand up comics are great! Thanks for checking in...