Monday, 31 August 2009

Leaving Edinburgh . . .

. . . To bonny Edinburgh to meet up with me wee darlin' daughter . . . (spoken with Scottish lilt). . . And came across bagpipes and Indian Tabla . . . on a windy day!
Throngs of people at Grassmarket watching street performers.
Well-marketed (postcards, flyers, a publication on the dance style) Singapore entry at the Fringe ~ Q & A ~ a modern dance program. No Malaysian entry in sight.
Writing workshops at the Edinburgh International Book Festival gave the right impetus in that direction.
Spectral night scenes: Edinburgh University . . . and Grassmarket.

The Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009 was especially memorable . . . in windy and showery conditions.

Credit crunch themes . . . lunch and comedy . . . at the Edinburgh Festival!
Beat Boxing by Beardyman at the Fringe - Underbelly.

Meeting the Andersons in Perth for a round of golf (for the boys); walking/yoga/body pump (for the girls) was an unexpected but pleasant connection with things in common.
Rae & I dinning at the Old Fishmarket Close . . . a Rebus crime scene.
Heading home - sunrise over Malaysian skies.

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss this beautiful posting and these lovely pictures, especially of Mummy and daughter!

I remember enchanting Scotland especially the drive from Leeds to the Lake District into Cumbria and then around the lochs. That was a magical 1983!

Wonderful that you were able to catch the writing workshop!