Friday, 21 August 2009

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2009 - 2

The Edinburgh International Book Festival running parallel with the Arts Festival, has a full program of talks by authors, book signings, writing workshops for adults and an equally packed program of events for children. Set in the charming Charlotte Square Gardens with two big tents of books, coffee and snacks, lecture rooms and benches in the garden for reading, it provides the perfect ambiance.
At a workshop on Writing for Radio an experienced BBC playwright explored the do's and dont's of this genre. Excerpts of a radio play was critiqued almost line by line analysing the importance of the use of words in dialogue for dramatic effect.

The variety of topics the program offered was impressive. The Scottish Pen Event featured the award winning Albanian author, Fatos Lubonja, who wrote about the atrocities of the former Albanian regime in The Slaughter, whilst imprisoned for 19 years. He shared the personal account of his time in prison, the politics of the country at that time and his hopes for his country in the future.
A tent dedicated to daily book signings by authors was made available.

A highlight indeed was to listen to the Scottish crime writer Val McDermid talk about her new book Fever in the Bone. Well known for the TV serial Wire in the Blood developed from her books, she discussed the changing features of current crime fiction genre, development of characters and the subject of violence.

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