Saturday, 30 April 2011

Arabian Rock - Ueno

Strains of Arab pop , a cool name and hunger pangs drew us to Arabian Rock.

A Japanese belly-dancer greeted us and presented us with an Aladdin's lamp. She said "Rub the lamp and your wishes will be granted".

A stairway lit by brass lanterns led to a glowing pyramid and our own two-man nook decorated with Moroccan wall tiles and plush floor cushions.

To add to the fantasy, we received a basket of golden eggs to ward off bad luck. "Please peel off the shell" we were advised. Very bunga telor-ish. (Bunga telor, boiled eggs traditionally given as party favours at weddings and represents fertility in Malay culture).

With dramatic flair, a waiter emerged with a flaming dish of beef teppanyaki .

Flavourful tofu tajine, cod roe potato cheese gratin, chicken tandoori kebab and couscous salad ensured our wishes were indeed granted.

Happy and satisfied, the Alhady Arabs reluctantly crawled out of their alcove for their next adventure.

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