Wednesday, 27 April 2011

In search of Usavitch

Usavitch. Imagine an anime version of prison break, an odd couple of rabbits, Kirenenko (red) and Putin (green) and their antics in a Soviet prison. Later they escape to a shopping mall and share hilarious adventures. My mission was to find Putin, as Kirenenko was missing his friend.

After checking out the well-loved store, Don Quixote, in Shinjuku, where I had bought only Kirenenko (because I liked the red stripes) on a previous trip, there seemed to be a dearth of Usavitch merchandise on the shelves. Have they stopped production after the earthquake? Not good news for fans.

Next stop Harajuku. Bypassing the Goth shops, and at the risk of sounding bigoted, The Closet Child, I actually was looking for something much more innocent called Kiddy Land. Stumbling upon The World Connection, Usavitch was on the first floor! Yes! Mission accomplished.

At closing time, other sights take prominence like the graffiti . . .

. . . and the dimly lit narrow side streets. Only a handful of vendors continued to call out to dwindling customers while cute Lolita's were pulling down shop shutters.

The adventures of Putin and Kirenenko continue . . .

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