Friday, 22 April 2011

Genki Gym at Hoya

Found a gym in Hoya, on the Seibu Ikebukoro line, about 30 minutes westward of central Tokyo. Central Fitness Sports membership is offered at a reduced rate to IT personnel through their affiliate insurance companies. Even though I don't qualify, the monthly fee is about one third the price of a well known international chain in Japan, Gold's Gym.
For a lot more facilities and the feeling of space it is good value. Gold's monthly membership fee is as much as Celebrity Fitness in KL. Prohibitive for short term membership. Aqua aerobics is a rare treat.
My usual companions most mornings are an enthusiastic bunch of senior citizens (look who's talking!). Unlike the obvious male dominance in trains and offices, the genki (lively) aunties feature prominently at step aerobics, zumba, street dance, yoga and pilates classes. Haven't seen any hunks yet, but the uncles have remarkable core strength. Hardly any pot bellies about.
That blue towel, which is found neatly folded at every station, is for wiping down the machine after use. This is done religiously by all users. Great gym etiquette! Repeated suggestions/complaints to Celebrity Fitness, KL about the level of hygiene and lack of facilities provided seem to fall on deaf ears. Edinburgh Uni gym provides antiseptic prays and disposable tissue towels in this respect.
Yes it really is an indoor driving range! And practice putting green.
I'll travel miles, through hills and dales, at any hour for a spinning class! Slots are too few and far between: Wednesday 2130 hrs, Thursday 1150 hr and Friday at 2130 hr.
So kiddos, quit whining and be thankful you have a permanent unlimited spinning/RPM studio and not have to wheel a Spinner into the studio and then wheel it back out again!

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