Sunday, 24 April 2011

Singapore Seafood Republic, Shinagawa

Cross the overhead bridge in front of Shinagawa JR Station and you can't miss the chilli crab signboard.
Hey are we in Singapore? Raffles Hotel? A refreshing change from cramped smoky restaurants. A colonial bungalow with al fresco seating . .

. . . and spacious, cool indoor dining.

A friend working at the restaurant gave us the royal treatment and drinks on the house.

Singapore fried mee hoon turned out to be rather insipid and merely coloured by kunyit (safron). The chili crabs and steamed mantau (bread), on the other hand, were incredibly like the stuff we get at home. Satay was good, but the peanut sauce was microscopic in amount. An interesting twist was the added pineapple dip.

French doors open out into a courtyard, complete with green canvas umbrellas and shady trees, very much a reminder of home.

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