Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cooking@THe Hilt - Lamb all the way - Part II

Shoulder of lamb seasoned generously with rosemary sprigs, unpeeled (life is too short) garlic cloves, olive oil, pepper and salt; preheated oven 250C then turned down to 170C and cook for 4 hours (with bone) or 3.5 hours (without bone. When done, meat falls off bone or can be pulled apart easily. Allow the meat to rest. 

Mix flour into lamb juice, keep stirring then add capers and simmer; add chopped mint and red wine vinegar. Blanch greens (spring onions, green sprouts and asparagus) then saute. Large chunks of potatoes, carrots, celeriac  are boiled then lightly crushed, buttered.
Roast shoulder of lamb crushed root vegetables and sauteed greens

Barbecue lamb cutlets seasoned with crushed thyme and olive oil on ridged griddled pan. Add mushrooms. Prepare special basil sauce by crushing pine nuts and basil with a mortar & pestle into a pulp, add extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Finally toss lamb, mushrooms with basil sauce. Add lemon juice. Serve with a simple watercress (or rocket) and pomegranate salad. 

Lamb cutlets with special basil sauce

Morrocan-style lamb burgers
100% minced lamb. Dry rub seasoning: sea salt, black pepper, cumin seeds, ground coriander, sweet smoked paprika + the secret weapon Malouf Spice Mezze (Australia) or garam massala.

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