Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Streets and alleys of Kilkenny

Kilkenny or Cill Chainnigh in Irish means church of Chainnigh. Evidence of intermittent settlements from the Mesolithic and Bronze Age through to the 12th Century Norman invasion of Ireland, the Black Death in 1348, the Cromwellian invasion of Ireland in 1649 followed by King James II of England taking up residence in Kilkenny Castle in the winters of 1689-1690 are well documented in Kilkennys' history.

True to form, there is always 1 Malaysian roaming the streets of Kilkenny.

Kilkenny was proclaimed a city in 1609 by King James I. The narrow streets and even smaller alleyways are a throw back to days of yore and horse-drawn carriages.

The Thosel on High Street was built to collect tolls back in the day. Now it stands as the Town Hall and the arcades are a welcomed arena for buskers, carollers at Christmas and street performers during the Arts Festival.

Dusk brings the Thosel octagonal clock tower silhouette into focus with candy floss clouds floating above.  

Pedestrian walkways are artistically decorated for the Arts Festival. The whole city portrays an air of festivity and...

...summer flower arrangements take prominence.

I love doors!

Kilkenny Catherdral spires peeping though telegraph wires and alleys. 

Colourful crossroads of Kilkenny

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