Monday, 19 September 2011

Killkarney... no it's Killarney

Making our way from Cork to Killkarney, I mean Killarney, took us along the rugged coastline and country roads. 

The relaxed pace was ideal for photo stops and of course a cuppa at rustic inns.

Following the good roads signs and our trusty 'Mak Cik' GPS with the authoritative voice repeating "Recalculating" at an annoying rate of frequency, we turned the final bend into Killarney. 

Our hotel was well appointed, in a golf resort. This time-share facility with hotel rooms as well as villas was chockablock with young local families on summer hols.  

True to form, the guys were out swinging their clubs in perfect golfing weather. 

The girls went into town to roam and shop. First stop, St Mary's Cathedral, one of Ireland's finest, underwent disastrous interior remodelling, universally condemned by architects and historians. Local authorities are attempting to re-acquire Pugin-designed original interior fixtures and continue restoration.   

Killarney has been voted the tidiest Irish city twice, once in 2007 and again this year. You can see why... streets are spotless and the buildings are in pristine condition.

Curios, antiques and all things nice are on display.

And of course more sweet shops.

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