Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kilkenny Arts Festival

Kilkenny Arts Festival 5-14 August 2011, now in its 38th year, was started by a group of classical musicians, now a broadened program to include visual art & craft, theatre and dance, street and literature.

This athletic foursome gave an energetic, acrobatic and comedic performance outside the Kilkenny Castle to a fascinated crowd.

There was a lot of skin, but the seamless transition was well choreographed. 

An R & B band performing in the local theatre at the end of High Street.

Dance drama with a religious theme was made even more interesting with the discussion led by the choreographer and a moderator-producer with the cast and audience, some of whom were theatre dance critics and practitioners. 

It came to light that there was some divergence in interpretation and execution of the dance as intended by the choreographer. The dancers argued that freedom of expression over precision was what they were aiming for. The dance critics and practitioners felt there was something lost in translation. Healthy critique - I like.

Street art, an Art exhibition in a Hotel. . . 

. . . and a Contemporary Photography Exhibition in the 
Rose Garden Corridor of Kilkenny Castle by Roslyn Kee. http://www.roslynkee.com/

Arts and Craft exhibition at the National Craft Gallery

Chorus singing at the Thosel Arcades

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